How Much Does the New iPhone 5 Cost? – Learn more about the Price of iPhone 5

With iPhone 5 being among the most hyped iPhones from Apple, you might wonder how much does the new iPhone 5 cost. After establishing a sterling reputation for producing and selling quality iPhone, Apple will always sell its devices regardless of their prices. Currently, Apple iPhones are among the most expensive handheld devices in the market. However, people still buy them because they know that Apple will always produce premium quality products. Apple iPhone 5 is no different and people are still buying this device. It is important to note that the price of this device varies depending on where you buy it.

iPhone 5 variants

iPhone 5 is available in different variants in terms of storage capacity. This device is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. There is also the iPhone 5s. When Apple announced the release and launch of iPhone 5, there were initial doubts about the plans of the company in regard to pricing. This was so in the view of the development of iPhone 5c. However, Apple retained a similar pattern or structure of its iPhone 5.  Nevertheless, the price-points of this device have always remained the same. However, price of iPhone 5s vary depending on the contract.For further information to know which is the best place to sell iphone visit here.

iPhone 5 cost for 2 year contract

For iPhone 5 with 16 GB storage capacity, the cost is mostly $199. For an iPhone 5 with a storage capacity of 32 GB, the price is in most cases $299. For an iPhone 5 with 64GB storage capacity, the price is mostly $399. Although Apple does not talk about unlocked iPhone 5, the cost of unlocked iPhone 5 is higher. When an iPhone 5 of 16GB storage capacity is unlocked, it costs about $649. When an iPhone 5 of 32GB is unlocked, it costs about $749. An unlocked iPhone 5 of 64GB costs about $849. It is important to note that the cost of unlocked iPhone 5 is not official but it is the most common price at which you will buy this device.

Is the cost worth it?

Perhaps, the question that you are asking now is which is the best place to sell my iPhone 5 is it worth its cost. Apple made several improvements or changes with iPhone 5. Most of these changes affect the accessories that are available for the owners of the preceding iPhone models. Most of the add-ons for iPhone 5 do not work with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Generally, iPhone 5 is longer and thinner than the previous iPhone models. This makes it easier to fit in the palm of the hand of the owner. It is also more beautiful than other iPhone models.

Since Apple released iPhone 5 in 2012, many people have bought the device and they are willing to resell their devices. This implies that you can find a used iPhone 5 in the market. However, if you want to buy a new iPhone 5, do not just sit there and ask how much does the new iPhone 5 cost. Get in touch with us for more details about how to sell iPhone and the best deal for your devices.